Convention Testimonials

Here is what A/E/C, Government Contracting, and Environmental Consulting firm leaders say about the Forum.

“I had a great time at the conference and made some new connections that were/are outstanding. Thanks for having me and I look forward to seeing you soon.”
Senior Vice President, 3000-person Environmental Engineering Firm

“This Forum provides an excellent perspective of the industry as a whole. The networking is also a tremendous benefit.”
CEO, 125-person Architecture Firm

“Great job with the conference. From talking to other attendees, it was very well received. The intimate conversations among industry folks could not occur anywhere else.”
Managing Director, Advisor to the A/E/C Industry

“I really enjoyed the M&A Forum last week. Learned a lot and met a lot of great people. I am already looking forward to next year!”
Vice President, 2,000 person A/E Firm

“I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed the forum in Chicago last week. It was very informative and fun as well. Like with many things, until you get exposed to some of these concepts, “you don’t know what you don’t know”.
CEO, 150-person Engineering, Environmental and Planning Firm

“I was incredibly impressed with how well organized the conference was. I look forward to next year’s event.”
Director, A/E/C Industry Consultancy Firm

“I want to thank you again for the invitation to participate and speak at your conference. The agenda was jam-packed with great information. And the venue and after-hours events were total fun.”
CEO, Environmental Engineering Consultancy Firm

“Had a great time! Was very informative and the folks attending were fantastic.”
Senior VP and CFO, 450-person E/C Firm

“Just a quick note to thank you for the great job you did with your conference. I truly appreciate the opportunity to participate and meet many new contacts.”
Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions, 2000-person Engineering Firm

“Thanks again for such a great conference.”
Managing Director, A/E/C Industry Consultant

“I really enjoyed the M&A Forum last week. Learned a lot and met a lot of great people. I am already looking forward to next year!”
President , 100-person Engineering Firm

“Thank you for arranging an unforgettable and stimulating experience. I was fortunate to talk with many highly informed experienced professionals. We plan to use many aspects of the discussions, panels and breakout sessions as a reference as we move forward with our future plans.”
President, 75-person privately-held East Coast Architecture Firm

“Matheson Advisors put on a great conference in Chicago. The sessions and speakers were jam-packed with hard practical information on financial and M&A strategies for the A&E industry. It was like attending a 2-day MBA class. Great stuff.”
CEO, West Coast Environmental Consulting Firm

“Thanks again for having me! I thought the conference overall was well organized and quite useful—a tribute to you!”
Senior Vice President, 40,000+ person public A/E/C firm

“The forum took me way up the learning curve on M&A. The quality of the attendees is a testament to the quality of your work and your reputation. I hope you do it again next year. Thanks again for the invitation.”
Vice President, 4,500-person public East Coast Environmental and Government Contracting Firm

“Great job with the conference. Look forward to attending next year. The range of participant organizations was very good.”
President, 500-person privately-held Midwest Engineering Firm

“Thanks again for hosting the conference and inviting me to participate. The sessions were interesting and informative, and all the details such as the food and the baseball game were well taken care of.”
CFO, 650-person privately-held East Coast Engineering Firm

“Just wanted to pass on my appreciation for the fine forum you and your staff put on last week in Chicago. Everyone I spoke to was very impressed with the program depth and quality of the attendees.”
Principal, A/E/C Consulting Firm, former President, 3,500-person Southeast Engineering and Construction Firm

“I really enjoyed the M&A meeting. It was a crash MBA.”
President & CEO, 50-person privately-held Southeast Engineering Firm

“I personally found attending the conference rewarding as I know my peers did.”
President and CEO, 1,500+ person public Engineering firm

“Thank you for inviting me to your M&A forum. The discussions were wonderful. The caliber of the presenters and level of discussion were outstanding and the conference has been an awesome experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed it!”
A/E/C Industry Attorney

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