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M&A Transaction Advisory

Our specialized M&A advisory services are tailored to the AEC industry. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within this evolving professional services sector, we bring a wealth of expertise to guide firms through the intricate process of mergers and acquisitions.

What sets Matheson Advisors apart from other AEC “consultants”? We don’t just make introductions and hand you off to attorneys for deal documentation. Our dedicated team of industry-savvy M&A advisors is committed to orchestrating a comprehensive process that allows you to make the right and best decision and our deal execution experience adds value through the entire process.

Five important differences set us apart from our competitors:

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Personalized and Selective Approach

We take on a select number of clients each year to ensure focus and commitment to your goals. Our management team will work with you to develop the best process to accomplish your financial and strategic goals, pivot the plan if needed, and be there every step to get the right deal done. We develop deep knowledge of your firm early in the process as we serve as the “beta test” to understand what suitors or targets may find.

Sell-Side Advisory

Navigating the sale of a firm you've built from the ground up is a significant decision that is laden with emotion. It's imperative to choose a sell-side advisor with the expertise to strategically position your firm to potential buyers and then optimize its valuation and deal terms while making sure it is the “right” fit for your leaders and your people. At Matheson Advisors, we combine the technical acumen of an investment bank with a personalized touch, guiding you seamlessly from the initial suitor list to closing. This process ensures exceptional results for our valued clients.

Sell-Side Analysis and Marketing Strategy Development

Financial Modeling and Projections

Valuation Advisory

Market Research and Analysis

Identifying and Qualifying Prospective Suitors

Indications of Interest (IOI) and Letters of Intent (LOI)

Deal Structuring and Negotiations

Business Meeting

Documentation Review

Financial Due Diligence Management and Support

Interacting with Quality of Earnings (Q of E) Consultants

Keeping Lawyers on Track and Focused on Documentation


Post Closing Advising and Check-Ins

Buy-Side Advisory

Matheson Advisors specializes in representing business owners and investors seeking strategic growth through acquisitions. Our comprehensive services encompass every stage of the process, from strategic planning and target identification to deal structuring, pricing, negotiations, due diligence, and successful transaction closures. With a dedicated focus on your objectives, we provide expert guidance from inception to completion as your “outsourced” corporate development partner.

Buy-Side Analysis and Market Strategy Development

Market Research and Target Identification

Financial Due Diligence Management and Support

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Valuation Advisory

Deal Structuring and Negotiations

People shaking hands.

Deal Documentation Review

Financing and Capital Structure Advisory

Integration Planning


Post Closing Advising and Check-Ins

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